Generator Report Card Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a copy of the Generator Report Card, that Paul McArdle of Global Roam (home.global-roam.com) allowed me to review. I have known Paul for 20 years since he started Global-Roam in 2000 and was one of his first customers when I was at Ergon Energy in Queensland. Global-Roam has been instrumental in providing software to energy market participants since that time.

The Generator Report Card is a comprehensive review of the first 20 years of the National Electricity Market (NEM) since its inception on December 13, 1998. This publication of roughly 500 pages does provide a detailed analysis of the last decade of operation of every generator in the market, including its bidding behaviour and revenues from energy and ancillary services. These reports are provided in an easy to comprehend way, that has been particularly well done given the challenge of reviewing such large amounts of data.

What I found particularly interesting and insightful was the way that certain metrics have been applied to aggregated datasets, particularly around generation fleets or NEM states. Information regarding changes in inertia over time, the correlation (or anti-correlation) of renewable energy across the regions, trends in fossil fuelled capacity factors and others are useful in understanding what the impact of “anywhere/anytime energy” may have on the market in coming years.

It is refreshing that the report is technology neutral and presents the results in an objective fashion that highlights the technical issues that will need to be addressed as the NEM evolves. It is an informative read for businesses that are already active in the market or for intending participants. Please contact Paul McArdle for further information (Paul McArdle – Linkedin)

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