NEM battery performance – South Australia – Report

As many of our clients would be aware we have done extensive work in energy storage in South Australia for clients covering wind farms, solar farms and stand alone batteries ranging in size from 10MW to as much as 200MW.

We feel it’s important to understand the financial performance of these potential investments and look at ways at maximising revenue whilst minimising uncertainty.

We have prepared a detailed report that draws on this experience and provides insight into the opportunities and challenges of grid scale batteries in South Australia.  This report of around 30 pages has detailed analysis of the following areas:

  • Potential arbitrage under 30 minute settlement for 30-minute, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hour batteries since 1999
  • Potential arbitrage under 5 minute settlement for 30-minute, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hour batteries since 2012
  • “Smart Arbitrage” by both reduced use and multi day cycling
  • Review of Frequency Control Ancillary Services in the NEM covering Raise and lower for each of regulation, (6s, 60s and 5 min) contingency
  • Detailed review of the Hornsdale Power Reserve (a.k.a. Big Tesla battery in SA) covering wholesale market arbitrage, FCAS revenues by service for each month since the project was commissioned in 2017
  • Description of contracting opportunities and structures through the ASX or OTC markets
  • Review and discussion

PRICE $1900 +GST

Please email us at warwick.forster@apogeeenergy.com.au if you’re interested in ordering a copy.

This work has been possible through the use of Global Roam’s ez2view to extract and analyse NEM market data (www.global-roam.com).  We’d like to thank Paul McArdle for enabling us in this data extraction.

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